The Restaurant

When Guerlain and Guy Martin put their talents together…

The Restaurant “The 68″ arose from the meeting of two talented men : the star Chef Guy Martin and the perfumer of the House Guerlain Thierry Vasseur. Between the Swiss “nose” and the Savoyard Chef, the complicity very fast settled down

The perfume is a universe similar to cook through the searches for authentic products. Both enthusiasts who share the same excellent values speak  vanilla, rose, jasmine, bergamot orange the stars of the House Guerlain …

Guy Martin becomes soaked to essences to develop a menu with dishes associated to the fragrances of perfumes: foie gras and Madagascar’s vanilla in puff pastry, cod like a little black dress and liquorice , macaroon of the gardens of Shalimar ” so many winks of eye.

 But attention, “In 68, we do not eat Shalimar, warns the Chef. I simply interpreted essences of Guerlain through an uninhibited cooking “.

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